Like Elena, I met Fares through Erika, she told him about my project and he happily agreed to be a part of it.

When we first met we sat down and I told him a more about the project and a bit about myself then asked him to tell me something about himself, whatever he felt confident telling me.

He proceeded to tell me that his mom was born in Germany and when she was about eighteen or neinteen she moved to Syria, a couple of years passed and then he was born. Around 2013 -2014 he moved to lebanon with his mom where he lived for aroung two years and then they moved to Cologne, looking for better opportunities for their future.

Fares has a brother and two sisters, who live in other countries, maybe he will tell me more about them sometime or maybe I will get to meet them personally someday.  

I was curious as what his adjusting process was or has been like and we just started talking about the struggles of learning a new language and accomodating to a new culture and how challenging and overwhelming it all can be, but all the struggles have payed off and now he is just one year away from finishing his studies in media design.

He shows me a couple of design projects he has worked on, which seem to me like they were taken out of a science-fiction or fantasy movie – maybe he will show them publicly someday-.

I ask him about his social life and if he has had troubles making friends- which is my case- , he tells me is not that he finds it difficult to make friends but that he is not much the partying type and prefers to stay at home and watch a movie or read someting. This is fun to me because I also feel like that sometimes, but maybe it is  something lots of us can relate to…