When we talk about identity, there is a vast majority of factors we need to take into account, like culture, ethnicity, gender, costumes, physical characteristics, religious and political posture, language, sexual preference, position in the society, etcetera.

Therefore identity is not only a construct that comes from within but is also continuously influenced by exterior factors and in perpetual change.This continuous and never-ending change can constitute a challenge for some individuals -especially when the factor migration is added to the equation- and make them wonder and doubt their own identity.

And is in this doubting and endless changing that I base this project, mostly parting from personal experience as a Colombian living in Germany for almost six years and also curiosity and longing to know other people’s experiences on their journeys to self-discovery.

According to the performance artist Guillermo Gómez Peña in his text En defensa del arte del performance, “The main work of art is our own body, covered by semiotic, political, ethnographic, cartographic and mythological implications”.

His affirmation makes me think about how the relationship we have with our body, how we take care of it, how we dress it, how we move it to express ourselves is directly related to our identity, how we perceive ourselves and want to be perceived by others.

I want to be able to show this on my pictures, this things that we do with our body, the expressions we make –sometimes without even noticing- the little details that sometimes others do not notice, which makes us authentic and conform our identity.

This project comes from a personal place and therefore I want all the people who will see it to sense this connection that I have and that I will create with my subjects.